We are interested in evaluating any case where a person is seriously harmed and where we think holding the person who caused the harm responsible will make a difference both to the family dealing with the loss and to the community where the person or company who broke the rules and ignored the laws caused the harm.

Unpaid Wages

A claim for unpaid wages can arise in several ways. Some people have not been paid for time they have worked. Others have received some of their paycheck but not all of it. For instance, they are paid straight time instead of time and a half for their overtime hours. Some people are asked to do work off the clock. Some people are misclassified as salary employees when they should have been paid hourly. The law allows for certain types of workers to get paid a salary instead of being paid by the hour, but this is not allowed for all types of workers. We have represented people who want to get back the money they earned but were not paid for over a decade.

The best way to determine if a lawsuit makes sense in your circumstances is to call us. Below are links to some questions many people have when dealing with these issues.

Is a lawsuit the right answer?
What is expected if we get involved in a lawsuit?
Will it cost me anything to get involved in a case?