We are interested in evaluating any case where a person is seriously harmed and where we think holding the person who caused the harm responsible will make a difference both to the family dealing with the loss and to the community where the person or company who broke the rules and ignored the laws caused the harm.

Catastrophic Injury

Learning that your loved one has been killed or grievously injured is a life-altering event. When you are a survivor or a new caregiver, keeping your family together, taking care of the finances, and dealing with the catastrophic changes to your life can be an enormous burden. In working with families of those grievously injured through no fault of their own, we have developed a record of helping families financially cope with their circumstances and we strive to ensure that others take greater care in the future.

Whether the injury or death resulted from car wrecks, truck wrecks, oil and gas explosions, gas pipeline explosions, or the negligent acts of someone on a property, we are ready to help.

Is a lawsuit the right answer?
What is expected if we get involved in a lawsuit?
Will it cost me anything to get involved in a case?
Do you know how much money I can expect for my loved ones if we file a lawsuit?