Who We Are

At the Law Offices of DOB+S, we believe in holding corporations accountable when their actions harm hardworking people. Workers have the right to expect a safe workplace, consumers should have confidence that the products they buy and use are safe, and no one should develop a life-threatening disease or injury because corporations put profits above protecting people. As experienced litigators, we guide families through the process of seeking justice in the legal system for injuries caused by unsafe working conditions, dangerous products, or other corporate wrongdoing. Our relationships with our clients are what drives our passion for this work.

What We Do

We fight to make our communities safer. We file lawsuits against corporations that act unreasonably and we regularly take cases to trial. Laws exist to ensure that everyone, including corporate leaders, knows what is expected of them. We are dedicated to ensuring that there are consequences for those who do not follow rules that are meant to protect the life and safety of all. When we litigate to enforce safety rules that were ignored in the past, we believe that creates the conditions for better corporate decision-making in the future.