Kathy Farinas

Managing Attorney, Indiana

Kathy Farinas has been a member of the Indiana Bar since 1997. After practicing employment and civil rights litigation, she began to focus on toxic exposure injuries, including those caused by asbestos and other environmental exposures.  In 2011, Kathy was named as a Partner at George & Farinas, LLP where she focused her practice on those injured by toxic exposures and dangerous medical devices and pharmaceuticals. She joins DOBS & Farinas as the managing attorney over the new Indiana office.

Growing up in the heartland, Kathy was instilled at a young age with a strong work ethic, a sense of loyalty, devotion, and undying commitment to the compelling causes she undertakes. Kathy is driven to make a difference in the lives of those who have been injured or victimized. Her advocacy for social change, equality and justice has greatly impacted the lives of those she has and continues to represent.

At George & Farinas, Kathy was actively involved in all phases of personal injury and mass tort litigation including, client outreach, liability discovery, mediation, trial preparation, and trial. Choosing to pursue a career in the legal arena over a medical career, she now ironically works closely with medical experts involved in the field of asbestos disease and other injuries to assure the highest quality treatment opportunities for her firm’s clients.

Kathy has actively participated in the litigation and trials of numerous mesothelioma and asbestos-related injury cases which resulted in multi-million dollar recoveries for the injured and their families. In addition to litigating asbestos personal injury actions, Kathy serves as counsel in numerous catastrophic injury, medical device, pharmaceutical, and toxic tort cases. Her attention to detail and ability to gather and prepare evidence for the trial have served her clients and colleagues well no matter the legal issue involved.

Kathy is active in maintaining and preserving the right to trial by jury through legislative efforts on both state and federal issues.  Kathy is on the Executive Board of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, Past-Chair of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Women’s Caucus, Co-Chair of the AAJ Hernia Mesh Litigation Group, Co-Chair of AAJ’s Asbestos Litigation Section, and Member of AAJ’s Product Liability, Zofran, and Personal Jurisdiction Litigation Groups. Kathy and has been active in the Indiana Division of Lung Force, American Lung Association, and efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless in her community.

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